WELCOME to Connectix

We are a technology company and we are a strong team of skilled and expertise professionals. Founded in 2000, we always focus in providing quality technical solutions.

We do only software development and our expertise is our technical coding skill. We are core technical resources without much knowledge on management. On coding and software development, we deliver defect-free codes to our customers.

Our expertise skills include HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Ajax, PHP, Joomla, RoR, NodeJS & WebSockets and Android in mobile technology.


SERVICES we offer

Software Development

Connectix's development services ranges from a wide range of technologies, and follow industry-led software engineering processes. Our continuously focus on software fundamentals and strengthening our process for high quality deliverables.

Post Release Support

Support and maintenance typically eats at efficiency of primary development teams and executive management, swinging focus away from new initiatives to maintenance of older ones.