Methodologies followed in Software Development at Connectix :

We at Connectix are highly expertise professional who interact with the client and understand their concern and need. We at Connectix then discuss and decide how to move in the development process in a very well processed and organised way.


We analize the client’s concept and try to understand his business model to provide the perfect solution for his software requiremnt to reach his business goals in more efficient way. CONCEPT ANALYSIS plays a very important role in CONNECTIX process as in this process we try to understand our clients interest and business which help both the parties to understand each other properly. And we believe unless we get involved in the client’s idea, we can’t visualize and develop it accordingly.


In this phase we try to collect as much as possible information from Client’s end to produce a perfect and desired result. Then We at Connectix seat for an analysis process and define the module as per the need.

Preparation of Requirement Agreement: We document the requirement as mentioned by the client and then it is send to the client for the review and approval.


Once the requirement get freezed, then We at Connectix get involved in design process. This phase includes both the low level component and the high level component. Software design usually involves problem solving and planning a software solution. The design concepts provide the software designer with a foundation from which more sophisticated methods can be applied. We design the expected prototype and it is send to client for the approval.


After the requirement pass the Design phase We at Connectix get involved in development phase with the specified technology as needed for the software or the product.


After the completion of development phase, the software developed is tested to check whether it meet the requirements that guided its design and development.


Once the client accept the software developed, we finalizes the process, hand over the developed code to the client and all the required documents as needed. The software is provided in the live version which is functionable and then we take a sign off from the project.


CONNECTIX also provide 100% maintenance & support facility to the client with a proper maintenance plan as per the demand of the project. And even we ensure to provide training process to educate our client for the better understanding of the software/ product.

CONNECTIX ensures to be the development partner of the clients for long run!