Enterprise Mail Messaging Solution

Mail is an integral part of communications in today's electronic world. We at Connectix provide a comprehensive groupware solutions on mail messaging platform using open source and standards.

  • Email

    The Email task provides all functions to read, write and organize email messages.

  • Email Delegation

    By this special feature of email delegation, you can grant access to your mail account by adding a delegate. The accessed person can read, send, and delete messages for you.

  • Address book

    The Address Book task provides access to contact data saved in your personal or shared address books and a rich interface to manage them.

  • Different Calendar Views

    View your calendars by day, week, or month. Alternatively, activate the handy agenda view that always tells you which appointments come up next together with the color of the folder the event comes from. When you search for events, only results are displayed and can be seen in all different calendar views by switching between them.

  • Task Management

    Our Open source groupware Solution gives you a ToDo list on steroids. You can create tasks and set their due dates with reminders. Create sub-tasks and drag them around and drop them where you want them to be. Flag tasks as important or set the degree of completion. As with everything in Our Open source groupware Solution, you can share your tasks with others and even let them create tasks for you.

  • Free/Busy Information for Planning

    The appointment planning interface of Our Open source groupware Solution, allows you to see whether the participants of your events are free or busy without revealing any information about what they are doing during these times. This allows you to comfortably schedule appointments and ensure that everybody is able to participate.

  • Invitations For Appointments:

    You can add participants to your events and invite them all with one click. They will get an invitation and if they accept it, the appointments will be automatically added to their calendar. You will be updated about the participant's status and they will be notified about changes to the appointment.

  • Threaded Mailview:

    The webclient of Our Open source groupware Solution allows you to customize how you view your email. It supports conversation threads that are especially useful for following large email conversations and mailing lists. You can mark messages as important and set their read status easily.

  • Multiple Calendar Folders:

    Organize your appointments in different separate folders.Share folders with colleagues or family.Changes with one click which calendar folders should be displayed in your calendar and which ones shouldn't.This enables you to handle the ever-growing amount of events in your life with ease.

  • File Storage:

    Storing your file with Our Open source groupware Solution is very easy. Just click the upload button, and your files are saved in our cloud, accessible from everywhere (with internet connection). You can also attach files directly to emails without uploading them again. Viewing documents, images and videos right in your browser is also supported.

  • Active Sync (with Mobile & Tablet)

    Active Sync allows a mobile device to be synchronized with either a desktop PC or a server running a compatible software product.

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